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Whether you’d like to write a blog
post or a book, we’d love
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Want to become an author yourself?

Want to earn money every time someone buys your book? Want to have something hugely impressive to write on your UCAS form or CV? Want something which makes you stand out from the huge crowd of people trying to enter the same universities and the same jobs?... Writing a book which has been published and bought by members of the public does all of these.

Think you know how to succeed in an exam (it can be any exam at all)?

If you said yes then we are the company for you. Exam Grade Booster will aid you in the daunting process of taking an idea through to a fully published and saleable book.

Do you want to write as an individual or as a group (max. 3 on one book)?

You can do either! It's up to you to decide, but neither option will affect your chances of being accepted as one of our authors.

Why do you have to apply to write for us?

Obviously we cannot have just anyone writing for us and using our name because we believe in only producing books of the highest quality.

How can you apply?

We ask you to submit a product proposal form (at the bottom of this page) which asks you all about your product and what makes you think you would be suitable to write for us. We will then review this form and get back to you with either a positive or negative response. If you receive a positive response, we will then require a short Skype conversation (this will be a fairly informal chat) so that we can make a final decision on whether or not you are suitable to write for us.

What will we offer you?

Once this application process is complete and if you have been successful, our partnership will begin. We will offer you every resource at our disposal to make your life as easy as possible. You will be given access to all of our manuscripts (currently in print and in the development stages), formatting templates, cover design and branding (such as our logos and business cards) as well as having the immediate advantage of working with a trusted name in education. We will ensure that your book looks professional and is in-line with the rest of our range because we will be investing our time and resources in making sure your book will sell and make both of us money! You will have a personal contact line with us so that you can ask us questions whenever you want to, meaning that you gain the utmost possible from producing your book alongside people just like you who have already done it.

What will it cost you?

... It is completely free to apply and become a partner of Exam Grade Booster. We will help you in every way we can, but in return take a 40% ownership of your book from the moment you join us. This means that we split any costs which may arise in the production of your book 40%-60% and that we take a 40% cut of all income from your book.

Isn't 40% quite a lot?

Better to have 60% of a lot than 100% of nothing. 40% may seem expensive, but in comparison with other publishers in the industry, 40% is nothing! With us you will be making at least 5 times what you would make per book sale with a traditional publisher.



1) Complete the following application form giving as much detail as possible inside of the word limits (200 words per box). Please do not write more than the word limit, or your application will simply be ignored. I would recommend you write your responses in a word processor and then copy them into the boxes below.

2) Wait to hear back from us via email. We will send an email to the email address you provide in the form below if you are successful and we would like to chat with you more about your possible product. Please be aware that this may take a short while as we take this process very seriously.




Product Information (inc. subject material)

What makes your product different from others already available?

What makes you suitable to write for us?