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Impossible List: Set Goals You Will Accomplish

If this is the first time you have seen this post, I strongly recommend you check out the video down below! It will tell you everything you need to know to start setting goals in your own Impossible List.

You can then download my awesome Impossible List template, so you can get straight to setting your own ambitious goals!

However, if you’ve read this post before, feel free to skip the explanation and check out how I’m getting on with My Impossible List.

Achieve Your Seemingly Impossible Goals

Want to create your own Impossible List!?

Why not Download my word document template (including some examples from my list below) so that you can quickly get started yourself?

Get Your Impossible List Template

This is a free word document template to get you started with making your own Impossible List!

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Click here to skip the rest of the explanation and head straight to seeing my Impossible List!

What is An Impossible List?

An impossible list is a place to keep everything that you want to achieve or do. It is split up into different aspects of your life (from studying to travelling) and enables you to keep track of your longer-term goals.

Impossible List To Set Goals

How Does It Work?

An Impossible List is kind of like a Bucket List. However, there is one really crucial difference between the two…

With a Bucket List, you’re setting yourself a list of things it would be cool to do in the future. With an Impossible List, you’re focusing on taking action to actually do the things on your list. The impossible becomes possible.

It constantly changes as you change. So, when you achieve one goal, you set a new, even more ambitious one!

What Should You Include In Your Impossible List?

An Impossible List is supposed to be made up of longer-term goals. By that, I mean that “doing well in your end-of-topic test next week”, for example, should not go in your Impossible List.

That does not mean that “doing well in your end-of-topic test” is not an important goal. It really is! However, that sort of short-term goal is probably part of a much longer-term goal, such as “getting an A in History in your end-of-year exams” – that is exactly the sort of thing that should go on your Impossible List.

Where Do I Put My Shorter-Term Goals?

You are already way ahead of the game if you are asking this question, so awesome work!

Now we know that your Impossible List is for your longer-term goals, we surely still need somewhere to put shorter-term goals?

Yes, absolutely!

The Impossible List is the first part of a system that I use to set, break down and then achieve goals!

So, here is a step-by-step walkthrough the whole system (it contains the answer to where your shorter-term goals go!)…

Step 1

 Create an Impossible List for longer-term goals across different aspects of your life.

Step 2

Each month, decide on your ‘Focus Goals’. As you will see at the top of my Impossible List below, I have selected a number of longer-term goals from my Impossible List that I am working towards this month.

Step 3

 Each month, create an Action Plan. This Action Plan breaks down your Focus Goals for the month into a series of short-term steps. So, if your one of your Focus Goals for this month were “get an A in History in my end of year exams”, one of your shorter-term goals in your Action Plan would be “revise for and do well in my end-of-topic test next week”.

Where do your shorter-term goals go?

… So, the answer to this question is that shorter-term goals go in your monthly Action Plan.

To learn exactly how you can start using my system (Impossible List, Focus Goals & Action Plan), check out my post Set And Achieve Goals: My Tried-and-Tested System.

Key Principles To A Successful Impossible List

There are a few key principles:

  1. You have a few focus goals each month that you specifically work on achieving / getting closer to achieving.
  2. You cross things off when you complete them, adding a date and explanation of how you accomplished the goal.
  3. Where applicable, when you complete a goal, you readjust and set a new, more ambitious target.
  4. You try to enjoy the process of getting to the goal at least as much as achieving the goal itself. Remember: the route to the top is often more fulfilling than the view when you get there!

Impossible List Fulfilling

A Quick Thank You

 Before I get into my list, I just wanted to say a big thank you to the College Info Geek, Thomas Frank, who introduced me to the idea of The Impossible List. Also, thanks to Joel Runyon, the founder of The Impossible List 🙂

My Impossible List

My Focus Goals For June 2017

  1. Obtain 75% or higher in my Year Abroad Project on French regional accents ~ Category: Studies
  2. Improve my French and Spanish translation skills ~ Category: Studies
  3. Graduate with a First Class degree from Trinity College, University of Cambridge ~ Category: Studies
  4. Update and re-release our languages guides both as physical books and as interactive courses on our own web-app ~ Category: Exam Grade Booster
  5. Eat real pizza in Italy ~ Category: Travel

You might also like to check out my June 2017 Action Plan where you can see exactly how I am working towards completing each of these Focus Goals. I’ll also tell you how you can do the same.

The List


  • Get 12 straight A*s at GCSE (exams taken when 16 in UK) – 16th August 2012 – I achieved A*s in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Latin, Ancient Greek, French, Spanish & Italian! 

    • Get 4 straight A*s at A-level (exams taken when 18 in UK) – 23rd August 2014 – Wooo!! Got straight A*s in my A-levels: French, Spanish, Maths & Further Maths (+ an AS in Latin!)

  • Get into Trinity College, University of Cambridge – 8th January 2014 – I was offered a place to study Medieval and Modern Languages (French & Spanish) at Trinity College, Cambridge

    Goal Trinity College Cambridge
    This is a photo of me and my best friend Nat, taken a couple of weeks after the start of our first year at Trinity.

    • Become a Senior Scholar at Trinity College, University of Cambridge – 10th June 2016 – I came third in my year of 170 languages students and was therefore made a senior scholar at Trinity!!

      • Obtain 75% or higher in my Year Abroad Project on French regional accent
      • Improve my French and Spanish translation skills
      • Graduate with a First Class degree from Trinity College, University of Cambridge

General Life (a bit serious)

  • Find a wonderful, amazing, supportive, all-round awesome, superstar girlfriend – 1st December 2012 – I asked out my amazing girlfriend, Beth, and she said “yes”, thank goodness! We’ve happily been together (despite being along way away from each other a lot) ever since!

    Impossible List Set Goals Girlfriend
    This was taken in November 2016 when Beth and I went to Paris with her family.

  • Buy a car – 16th July 2014 – I bought a grey VW Fox for £4,750 using the money I had made from Exam Grade Booster: GCSE French and a lot of help from my dad!
  • Continue to help students all over the world maximise their potential, get awesome grades and live happy and successful lives thanks (at least partly) to EGB!

    • Start a charity that helps educate young people all over the world
  • Decide exactly what job I would like to do (by trying things out!)
  • Buy a house
  • Get married

General Life (not so serious)

  • Drive a supercar (I’m not particularly fussy which)
  • Watch Coldplay live
  • Meet Barrack Obama
  • Be on TV – not sure why, just would be pretty cool :p
  • Skydive
  • Climb a mountain
  • Cycle from Land’s End to John o’Groats (Southern tip to Northern tip of UK)


  • Go to South America 18th June 2016 – I spent over 2 months in Peru, first travelling, particularly around Cusco (near Machu Picchu), and then staying with a Peruvian family and teaching English in Lima.

    Goal Teaching
    This is me teaching a class of Peruvian students from La Inmaculada school in Lima!

  • Go to Australasia
  • Go to Asia
  • Go to North America
  • Go on safari 12th April 2006 – I went on safari with my family in South Africa.

    • Go on safari again – it really is that awesome!
  • Eat real pizza in Italy 14th June 2017 – I went to Naples, Capri, Sorrento and Positano with my friends Nat, Alexia and Andreas and ate loads of pizza!
  • Snorkel in the ocean with turtles
  • Watch a live sports event in the USA
  • Goals Travel The World
    This is my scratch map showing every country I’ve been to!

    So far I have scratched off: England, Northern Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Antigua & Peru!!

    Update: I have now also been to Italy!

    You can get your own scratch map here (UK) or here (US).

Exam Grade Booster

  • Write and publish my first book 14th March 2014 – My first book, Exam Grade Booster: GCSE French, was published and went on sale on Amazon UK.

    • Publish 5 books (in colour) under the publishing house Exam Grade Booster 7th March 2016 – Exam Grade Booster: IGCSE Chemistry was published, making it the fifth colour guide in the series.

      Goal Books On Amazon
      Here, you can see the Exam Grade Booster books available on Amazon UK!

      • Publish the 3 remaining titles that we are working on.
      • Update and re-release our languages guides both as physical books and as interactive courses on our own web-app.
  • Have one of my books sold in a real, physical bookstore. 24th November 2014 – The colour versions of Exam Grade Booster: GCSE French, Exam Grade Booster: GCSE Spanish and Exam Grade Booster: GCSE German went on sale in Heffers Bookstore, Cambridge.

    Impossible List Bookstore
    I may have gone searching for my books in the store… a few times :p

  • Sell 1,000 copies of our books 30th April 2015 – We sold our 1,000th book!
    • Sell 5,000 copies of our books
  • Gain 50 5-star Amazon reviews of our books
  • Release a course (8 Weeks To Great Grades) to help more students study as effectively as possible and get great grades
  • Create and launch a web-app where we can sell our guides in awesome, super interactive, engaging, pretty and even more useful form.
  • Create a website with a blog 1st Febuary 2017 – We released our new website and blog to the public!

    • Get 100,000 site visits
  • Grow the EGB mail subscriber list to 5,000
  • Launch a regular YouTube show and release 10 videos

    • Gain 500 YouTube subscribers
  • Gain 10,000 Instagram followers 12th December 2015 We hit 10,000 Instagram followers!

    • Gain 30,000 Instagram followers 16th June 2016 – We hit 30,000 Instagram followers!
    • Gain 50,000 Instagram followers 26th January 2017 – We hit 50,000 Instagram followers!
    • Gain 100,000 Instagram followers


  • Do a little bit of exercise every morning after I wake up for 30 days 30th April 2016 – I have successfully done my 7 minute morning work-out every day this month!
  • Run 10km in under 55 minutes
  • 9th May 2017 – I ran 11.73km in 63 minutes, and went passed the 10km mark in around 52:30!

    • Run 15km in under 85 minutes
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Do a triathlon
  • Be able to bench press 70kg (8 reps) 24th March 2017 – After almost 3 months of regularly going to the gym, I’ve now got to this goal and am ready to hit my next one!

    • Shoulder press 2x25kg weights for 8 reps

Personal Development

  • Speak French (pretty much) fluently 21st December 2016 – Having spent 3 and a half months in France, I reckon I’d now class myself as pretty much fluent! I lack some vocabulary, but other than that, I’m happy :p
  • Speak Spanish (pretty much) fluently
  • Speak German well
  • Learn to code HTML and CSS proficiently
  • Learn to surf (properly)
  • Learn the basics of ballroom dance 16th June 2014 – After 3 months of training, I was able to dance the Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha and Jive… ish!

    • Become good enough that my girlfriend wouldn’t be too embarrassed to ballroom dance with me :p

The Ultimate Goal To Never Forget

Be as happy as possible while making as many other people as possible happy.

Want to create your own Impossible List!?

Why not Download my word document template (including some examples from my list above) so that you can quickly get started yourself?

I also challenge you to comment your top 3-7 Focus Goals for this coming month in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

Get Your Impossible List Template

This is a free word document template to get you started with making your own Impossible List!

Powered by ConvertKit

It’s definitely worth taking a little bit of time to make sure you set yourself really positive, stretching but also possible (in spite of the list’s name) goals.

In my post Set and Achieve Goals: My Tried-And-Tested System, I take you through exactly how to choose your Focus Goals for the month, to break those goals down into manageable chunks and to start to really feel like you are making the impossible possible!

Best of all, each month, I’m actually going to be using this exact method myself. So, you’ll also get access to my Action Plan here on the blog, where you’ll be able to see exactly how I’m breaking down, working on and (sometimes) completing my monthly Focus Goals.

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Make Your Own Impossible List

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Liam Porritt studies French and Spanish at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. In his most recent exams, he obtained a First and ranked third in his year. In his GCSEs, he achieved 12 A*s and in his A-levels 4 A*s. However, he is not a genius. He is just like you.

He is a firm believer in the power of building positive habits. While he accepts that some people may have a limited natural advantage over others when it comes to learning, he has no doubts that anyone can become ‘clever’ and succeed in their exams.

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  • Antoinette Massey

    I don’t even know you and just by reading ONE blog post, I feel like I can achieve the whole world!
    I’ve always been ambitious and wanted to have complete control over the life I will have in the future, but now is the time to start making that happen!
    Thank you so much Liam!
    (I’m also glad you have such an amazing girlfriend, it helps to have happiness in all aspects and to share your success with someone you love!)

    • Hey Antoinette,
      Thank you so so much for your comment! Well, that makes me extremely happy because you really can achieve anything you set your mind to!
      Have you now downloaded your Impossible List template and made your own?
      And I’m glad about that too – she’s wicked :p
      Speak again soon!

      • Antoinette Massey

        Don’t worry the first thing I done was download the template, I’m really trying to get my life together! LOL
        Thanks for everything